Creating Lettering

Process Of Creating Lettering

Hey everyone! Vova is here!  Now i want to show you a little of work process behind the scenes of our design project.

This lettering is the second that we’ve done for First one “Make something you love” we made for the loading screen and stickers — THIS ONE! Now I’m going to do a caption for the drag’n’drop screen.. Let’s start!

So… This time it’s easy task for me!

Cause we already have a style and emotional message of letters.. Cool!

I start sketching at paper and then edit it and add some style in Adobe illustrator. I selected 24 raw sketches, sent it to Murat, and waited..

Aaaaand….. BOOM! We got a winner!

Murat choosed one, and I started creating a final version.. I recorded a video process of vectorizing and addind the texture in letters. NOTE, I create the points in the extremes of curves.. We don’t need the extra point! I also added texture and style in letters by hand! I will record a more detailed lesson about it later.. Enjoy the show!

Done!  In the final I got two versions — with and without texture…

So, my type mates  I think little bit opened the curtain of the lettering work! I hope you enjoyed it! 😉
​Stay tuned and follow us for more interesting stuff!

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