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List of Thick and Heavy Fonts to Leave A Good Impression In 2023

There are many ways to approach your brand or design project. You can opt for a minimalistic, simple look and feel or go all out with bold colors, thick letters, and lots of character. Whatever your aesthetic preference, plenty of fonts are built to make a huge impact in 2023. If you are up for using thick and heavy fonts in your design, here is a list of the most impactful ones.

Psychedelic Fonts with Heavy Glitches

Many designers are drawing inspiration from Art Deco styles to add a modern twist to typography. These fonts often contain near-computer glitches and are infused with an optimistic, retro vibe that helps brands and their projects stay relevant in an uncertain world.

Floating Typefaces with Wobbly Letters

Poool is an experimental display typeface with blobby, ‘floating’ letters that would work well in a summer-themed logo or for any company that deals with water. It is a variable font with three static weights and comes with over 200 glyphs.

Variable Fonts That Can Change Color, Size, and Shape

In the digital age, brands need to be more dynamic and interactive in order to stay top of mind. As immersive digital technologies like VR ramp up, variable fonts allow brands to adapt their letterforms and graphics to new contexts without losing their identity.

Thick Scripts That Are Easy To Read

Whether you’re designing a logo or a website, you probably want your audience to understand your message easily. Megalopolis Extra is a thick, bold typeface that combines a geometric style with an elegant flair. The interesting curvatures in the letters, particularly the lowercase’ l’ and ‘j,’ make it fun to use and will give your designs a unique personality.

Thick Scripts

To Sum It Up

These types of fonts aren’t new, but as they become more popular, it’s important to know how to use them effectively. You can start by deciding which applications they’ll be most suitable for and then making a few adjustments to your design.

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